Foreign real estate investors are jumping into the U.S. market

American real estate market is becoming a haven for the international buyers from all around the globe

who are attracted by the cheaper real estate prices, good economic stability and the improvement in

The foreign interest in big real estate projects in U.S. has soared from the year 2009 and among the

residents of Gulf countries it has just soared to more than 200 percent in the recent years.

The strong desire to leverage the money in big U.S. real estate projects has seen a great rise among the countries in

Gulf Cooperation council (GCC) countries and there is no doubt they have seen successful return on

their investments in the stable American real estate market.

A number of real estate survey reports are proving this point and Daren, the vice president of RealtyTrac

says that “The U.S. real estate market is coming off of a rough patch and entering recovery mode and

this is the great time for the big international investors to invest in the U.S. market and catch the

One of the key factors which is driving the foreign real estate investments into the U.S. is the country’s

reputation as a relatively safer place for real estate investments. The economic and political stability

governs this factor of safety and that is why it calls for bigger real estate investments in the country. A

foreign investor’s biggest concern is the surety of stability and the U.S. real estate market is assuring

that from a longer period.

Unlike many other countries, the real estate investments in bigger projects in U.S. have received a high

long term appreciation. The real estate investors see a number of possibilities of making their project

profitable in U.S. because the U.S. properties are most sought by the foreigners and they are always

ready to buy homes, apartments, offices and other realty estates here in U.S., a number of big

multinational companies find their operations easy.

Despite some ups and down some years ago, the U.S. market is showing a great improvement in the real

estate industry and the US is retaining its position as a premier place for the foreign investors.

The trend is growing and will continue to remain the same. The big real estate projects will definitely show great

returns to the foreign investors due to security, profitability and respect for property rights in U.S.